Land Development

The Planning & Zoning Department staff interacts with the community using a streamlined and business-friendly mode. Before acquiring land, closing a deal, or engineering a plan, developers or residents who are contemplating development can meet with Township staff and consultants to discuss basic project scope and receive recommendations. With direction from staff, applicants may schedule a confirmed appointment to appear before the Board of Supervisors at a regularly scheduled meeting to present their project and receive preliminary feedback. The Department processes applications for subdivision and land development, submits for consultant reviews, oversees property postings, and presents plans to the Limerick Township Planning Commission for consideration and recommendation.

  1. Greta Martin Washington

    Director of Community Planning
    Phone: 610-495-6432, ext. 127

  2. Emily Niskala

    Planning & GIS Administrator
    Phone: 610-495-6432 ext. 175