Linfield Village Master Plan

Historic Linfield Village is located on the Schuylkill River at the southern tip of Limerick Township and is identified in the 2009 Limerick Township Comprehensive Plan as one of four growth areas. Limerick Township is completing a master plan for this site to identify improvements that will promote and enhance the village’s sense of place, protect and enhance its historic character, enhance nearby open spaces, enhance the historic streetscape, and promote the adaptive reuse of old industrial sites and existing architecture. 

A public review of the Linfield Village Master Plan Draft Report (dated 02/18/2022) took place on Tuesday, March 15th during the Board of Supervisors' meeting.

LVMP - Second Draft dated 02/18/2022

Linfield Village Master Plan Study Committee

  • Margie Schweitzer
  • William DeGideo
  • D. Elaine DeWan
  • Thomas DiBello 
  • Linda Irwin
  • Patricia Kaufman
  • Robert Kleckner
  • Michael McCloskey (BOS Liaison) 
  • Kevin Rafuse
  • Jody Roberto
  • Dennis Rumler
  • Alexandria Sasek 

Linfield Village Master Plan Information