Earned Income Tax

In accordance with Ordinance #73-53, the Township assesses a 1% tax on earned income of its residents and persons working within the Township boundaries. This tax is collected on behalf of the Township by Berkheimer Associates.

The Spring-Ford School District enacted an EIT at a rate of 0.5%. Therefore, the total tax paid is 1%, with 0.5% distributed to the Township and 0.5% distributed to the School District. If your employer does not withhold this tax it is your responsibility to file a quarterly return with Berkheimer Associates.

All residents must file an annual return with Berkheimer by April 15 of the following year. Residents whose employers are not withholding wage taxes from their paychecks must file a quarterly return and estimated quarterly tax payment to Berkheimer Associates.

All employers in the Township are required to withhold 1% of earned income. If you live in a municipality that enacts the EIT, Berkheimer Associates will return the funds to your municipality.