Sewer & Water Companies:

Water System Information

The water system is owned by PA American Water Company. Phone: 1-800-565-7292 Website: 

Sewer System Information

Effective July 25, 2018, Limerick Township sold its sewer operations to Essential Utilities (Aqua America of PA).  Essential Utilities began invoicing its sewer customers on a monthly basis in August 2018.

Customers still have outstanding balances due to Limerick Township for charges for July 2018 and prior. Those customers continue to receive “Past Due” notices. We encourage these customers to pay any balance due as soon as possible to prevent additional charges to their account.  Any customer with a balance past due 180 days, regardless of the amount, may have a lien placed against their property as well as a charge of $221.00 for filing fees and legal fees.  
 Any old customer with a credit greater than $5.00 will be refunded in December 2018. Those customers with a credit balance of less than $5.00 may be refunded in cash at the Township Building weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Please contact 610-495-5750 to arrange this payment.

Sewer Emergency: 877-987-2782

Connection to Public Sewer

1. Contact Essential Utilities (610) 792-2112 for availability to connect as well as for approval and permits.
2. Send this mailer to DEP. The Township may be required to sign off.
3. If a low pressure force main is proposed, a grinder pump agreement will be needed and recorded at the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds.
4. A construction permit from Code Services is required.

Related Documents

Well Permits and On-lot Septic System Information

Montgomery County Department of Health issues permits for private systems on behalf of the Township. 

Contact Dan Oskiera, SEO at 610-970-5040 ext. 4217

Please be advised that any lot created after 1972 is required to also have a Planning Module issued by DEP.  To find out if the Township has record of a Planning Module for a proposed lot, contact Christopher Volpe at 610-495-6432, ext. 175.  If the Township does not have this record, a Mailer would need to be completed and filed with DEP prior to the County processing a permit for the private sewer system. 

Planning modules processed independent of Land Developments can be reviewed with this form.