Sewer Deduct Meter

For residential customers who use a lot of water to water grass, fill a pool, etc. the deduct meter may be a solution for you. You may choose to contract privately to install a deduct meter on the water pipe going to the outside hose bib at your expense. The Sewer Department has gallon meters available to you, at our cost of $175 including a touch pad so that a read may be obtained without needing entry into your home. Readings obtained on a quarterly basis allows that water usage to be subtracted from the total usage before the bill is computed.

Commercial deduct meters larger than 5/8-inch-by-3/4-inch are available upon request. Please contact the Sewer Department to purchase your meter. Neither Limerick Township nor Pennsylvania American Water Company installs the deduct meter on the water pipe going to the outside hose bib.

After Installation
Once installed, call the Sewer Department 24 hours in advance to schedule a meter inspection and at that time, you will be placed on a mailing list. We ask that you read the meter quarterly and return a card that we provide with your outside water usage. Once a year, we will confirm the usage with an onsite read.