Ordinance No. 221

Snow & Ice Removal From Sidewalks, Paths & Other Walkways Intended for Public Use
The owner/occupant of any building or lot abutting a public sidewalk is responsible for and shall remove any accumulation of snow, slush, ice and/or freezing rain from public sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow, ice or freezing rain has ceased to fall, gather or accumulate.

The clearing of sidewalks may require continuous acts due to drifting, melting and other situations that require snow and ice to be removed more than once after a single storm.

All sidewalks shall be cleared to a minimum width of 3-feet. In the event the snow and/or ice cannot be removed without damaging the sidewalk, an application of sand, salt, cinders or other grit and de-icing agents will be an acceptable substitute for clearing.

Following the clearing of any public sidewalk and during freezing conditions, applications of salt, sand, cinders or other de-icing agents shall be applied as necessary to ensure a safe, non-slip surface for pedestrian traffic.

Clearing of sidewalks shall also include any portion(s) of a driveway crossing a sidewalk area.

Any/all material removed from a sidewalk and driveway area may not be disposed of in the street, curb gutter or storm inlet areas.