Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for the year-round maintenance of 85 miles of township-owned roads to ensure a safe road system for the motoring public. In addition to day-to-day operations, maintenance activities include snow plowing, de-icing operations and the repair of potholes during the winter months.

Maintenance of signals, traffic signs, pavement markings and drainage structures are all part of the department’s annual maintenance plan. Other responsibilities include the maintenance of storm drain systems, the township’s vehicle and equipment fleet and all municipal buildings and grounds. Road improvement projects are completed during the summer months and include tree trimming and vegetation control.


Supertindendent/ Roadmaster:
William Bradford ; ; x317

Crew Leader:
Bill Ebinger ; ; x319

Butch Giorgio ; ; x316

Fleet Manager:
Dave Myer ; ; x318

Parks Crew Foreman:
Scott Croissette ; ; x320



For a complete list of who to contact regarding a road issue: Road Ownership List

Department FAQ's

Q. How do I arrange for trash service?
A. Trash service is individually contracted for by residents. Names of various providers can be found in the local telephone book.

Q. Does the Township pick up brush and/or bulk trash items?
A. No. Residents must arrange for these services through their trash hauler.

Q. How do I dispose of paint, computers and other household hazardous wastes?
A. For information, contact the Waste System Authority of Eastern Montgomery County at 610-278-3618 or visit and click on the Recycling and HHW links. Remember, latex (water based) paint is not a hazardous waste; taking it to a hazardous waste collection center for disposal “is not an option.”

Q. How do I dispose of latex paint?
A. If you can’t use it and you don’t want to store it, give it away. Charitable organizations, churches and the like may be happy to take it. Don’t put latex paint still in liquid form in the trash. Allow the paint to dry out and harden before disposing of the container. Visit for more information.

Q. How do I get a recycle bin?
A. Recycle bins may be obtained by contacting your trash hauler. You may also purchase a recycle bin at the municipal building at a cost of $10.00.

Q. How do I get a leaf and yard waste bags?
A. They can be purchased at Limerick Township building during the offices of Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at a cost of 3 bags for $1.00.

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Current Projects

NOTICE: 2015 Road Improvement Projects

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Winter Operations

Snow and ice control is one of the most integral functions of the Public Works Department. Adverse weather conditions dictate that the roadways be monitored around the clock. Our department is on call during all non-working hours, including weekends and holidays to ensure that activities of the community do not come to a halt.

Road Crews plow and salt approximately 190 lane miles of roadway including 30 miles of state highways. De-icing will take care of most small storms but when 3 or more inches of snow fall plowing operations begin. During heavy snowfall multiple plow passes must be made, heavy winds put crews on a rotating shift to keep drifts from closing roads.

As you might imagine, this is an enormous undertaking, the department’s “artillery” to fight these storms consist of 13 plow trucks 12, which are equipped for salting operations, two front-end loaders and one large contract truck if needed. The township is divided into four geographic sectors and each sector has several plow routes. Constant radio communication is maintained between all units and result in team effort wherever and whenever necessary.

Every attempt is made to dispatch units before roads start to freeze, during heavy snowfall roads are sometimes salted several times before plowing operations begin. In general plowing only begins after 3 inches has accumulated on the roads.

The primary goal of snow and ice control operations is to ensure efficient and safe access for emergency response vehicles. With in each of the four geographic sectors roads are identified and divided into “Demand Service Levels” (DSLs) The DSLs are as follows
* Major State and Arterial
* Collector
* Residential Developments
* Gravel and Low volume
Although gravel and cul-de-sac roads are classified lower, these roads are serviced with de-icing material or a plow pass with in two to three hours following the dispatch of units.

During the winter months Township forces treat and plow the following state roads - Limerick Center Road, Main Street, Linfield-Trappe Road, North Limerick Road, Neiffer Road and Pheasant Road.

Snow emergencies require prudent planning and constant communication between the snow fighting units through out the Township. Through this communication our units and the police are constantly monitoring road conditions. The department suggests that residents not call the Township for plowing schedules or non-emergency calls as this ties up phone lines, which may be needed for an emergency. Non- emergency calls also take vital personnel away from snow fighting tasks.

The Public Works department reminds residents that all vehicles are to be removed from the street when adverse weather conditions are imminent. Removing vehicles ensures a more efficient and faster operation and drastically reduces the potential for damage to parked vehicles and our units.

Mailboxes, Basketball Hoops and Fixed Objects
The Public Works Department is not responsible for clearing around mailboxes. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the mailbox is installed and maintained to stand up to heavy snow and wind, the mailbox should be no closer than 8” from the face of curb or edge of the road. If the mailbox is protruding into the road and is hit by a plow unit it is the responsibility of the homeowner to replace or repair, if the mailbox is installed properly and is accidentally struck by a plow unit, the Township will replace the damaged parts of the mailbox and /or post, however the actual installation is the responsibility of the property owner.

Basketball poles are often installed within the Township right-of-ways and extend into the roadway, these installations are unsafe and are actually illegal. These obstructions must be removed. The Township is not responsible for damage to this obstruction. In fact, the property owner will be held liable for damage to our plow units caused by these obstructions. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in removing this type of equipment from the roadway.

The Public Works Department is not responsible for plowing driveways. Contrary to popular opinion, we do not try to plow your driveway in. The Township’s responsibility is to open roads as quickly as possible to accommodate emergency response vehicles and to provide for safe motor vehicle passage. Snowplows are designed for “side casting” and cannot transport snow from one location to another. Raising the plow as it passes a driveway causes a large pile of snow to be deposited where the plow is lifted. We, therefore suggest that you wait to open your drive until the plow has passed if at all possible. If you must clear your driveway before a plow has passed clear an area on the side of the driveway from which the truck will approach this will provide a area for the plow to unload the snow before your driveway instead of in your driveway which is already cleared.

Clearing Snow
Do not throw snow onto the roadway when clearing your driveway, sidewalk or mailbox. This action is very unsafe and is illegal as it can cause accidents and result in property damage and bodily injury. Fines may be issued and motorist could file lawsuits involved in an accident as a result of this hazard. Additionally, residents may be fined and held responsible for all cost as a result of the Township’s having to dispatch a crew to plow snow, which has been deposited by residents onto the roadway.
Once again, we appreciate you cooperation in this regard.

The Limerick Township Public Works Department has been actively preparing for this winter’s snow and ice. Residents should also play an important role in maintaining safe walking and driving conditions following a snowfall.

The highway crew would like to remind everyone that a little common sense and consideration goes a long way in adverse weather. Residents are advised to be aware of their responsibilities during snow clearing activities:

  • Do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary and do observe good driving habits in hazardous conditions.
  • Keep winter driving aids (i.e. blanket, first aid, water, shovel, etc) in the trunk of your car.
  • Remove vehicles from the street to enable road crews to efficiently plow and clear streets.
  • Remove snow, ice and slush within 24hours after snow has ceased to fall, gather or accumulate from sidewalks including handicap ramps.
  • Clear fire hydrants of snow as soon as possible.
  • Pile snows from walks and driveways on lawns not the streets.
  • Private plowing crews should haul snow from properties if it cannot be piled, not to push onto the street or onto neighboring properties.
  • Residents are urged to refrain from calling Municipal offices; phone lines must remain open for emergency purposes. School closings and other cancellations are generally announced over local radio and television stations.



The owner/occupant of any building or lot abutting a public sidewalk is responsible for and shall remove any accumulation of snow, slush, ice and/or freezing rain from public sidewalk within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow, ice or freezing rain has ceased to fall, gather or accumulate.

The clearing of sidewalks may require continuous acts due to drifting, melting and other situations that require snow and ice to be removed more than once after a single storm.

All sidewalks shall be cleared to a minimum width of three (3) feet.  In the event the snow and/or ice cannot be removed without damaging the sidewalk, an application of sand, salt, cinders or other grit and de-icing agents will be an acceptable substitute for clearing.

Following the clearing of any public sidewalk and during freezing conditions, applications of salt, sand, cinders or other de-icing agents shall be applied as necessary to ensure a safe, non-slip surface for pedestrian traffic.

Clearing of sidewalks shall also include any portion(s) of a driveway crossing a sidewalk area.

Any/all material removed from a sidewalk and driveway area may not be disposed of in the street, curb gutter or storm inlet areas.


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Leaf/Yard Waste

In response to new PA Dept. of Environmental Protection regulations concerning the disposal of yard and leaf waste, Limerick Township has adopted the following regulations to comply with the new State laws. The program began in October 2008 and is focused on decreasing disposal and encouraging recycling of yard and leaf waste.

  • Curb side collection of yard and leaf waste will be handled by the individual waste haulers operating within the Township. Four special collections per year are mandated as follows;
    • One collection in May
    • One collection in October
    • One collection in November
    • One collection in December

If you have not received information from your trash hauler on when they will be collecting yard and leaf waste please contact them to inquire about their specific collection times.

All yard and leaf waste, whether curbside pick up or brought to the Township collection site, must be placed in biodegradable bags which will be available for purchase at local home goods retail stores or the Limerick Township Building. No waste will be accepted which is not bagged appropriately.

YARD & LEAF WASTE PICK-UP DATES for private haulers...
Click HERE for the schedule for A.J. Blosenski, Inc.
Click HERE for the schedule for J.P. Mascaro & Sons.
Click HERE for the schedule for Waste Management.
Click HERE for the schedule for Advanced Disposal.
Click HERE for the schedule for Diamond Waste Disposal.
Click HERE for the schedule for Republic Services.

Limerick Township will also provide a drop off site for residents on a monthly bases.

First Monday of the month at the Limerick Community Park
8:00 am - 12 noon
January 5th
February 2nd
March 2nd
April 6th
May 4th
June 1st
July 6th
August 3rd

Remainder of the year on the following Saturdays at Limerick Township Public Works Facility, 8:00 am - 12 noon
September 12th
October 17th
November 14th
December 12th

2015 Township Fee Schedule



First Monday of the month at the Limerick Community Park
8:00 am - 12 noon
January 5th
February 2nd
March 2nd
April 6th
May 4th
June 1st
July 6th
August 3rd

Remainder of the year on the following Saturdays at Limerick Township Public Works Facility
8:00 am - 12 noon

September 12th
October 17th
November 14th
December 12th