Police Department

As of May 1, 2010 there are 21 sworn officers on the Limerick Township Police staff.

The Police Department is broken down into four patrol platoons that are supervised by four sergeants. Limerick Township has one of the few K-9 and Bicycle Units in the area. The Department also provides many services to the community, including crime prevention programs and safety presentations to various groups. The Police Department is a multi-functional organization that is both proactive and community-oriented and endeavors to be professional and successful problem solvers. Problem-oriented policing is designed to identify and remove the causes of recurring crime and disorder that harms communities.

The Limerick Township Police Department has embraced the idea of community-oriented and problem-oriented policing. A high value is placed on preventing incidents with proactive measures. During the incident resolution process, an attempt is made to utilize other public agencies when needed for the most effective outcome. Officers of the Department strive to partner with the community in order to maintain and improve the quality of life.

The Police Department is adapting to growth in the area. With all of the activity currently under way, the Police Department continues to strive for new and more efficient ways to better serve the public.


Chief of Police

William J. Albany
Assistant to the Chief

Marilyn Conbeer

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Police FAQ's

Q. What are the police department’s hours?
A. Limerick Township provides police service twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. For counter service (reports, complaints, etc.), hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday and 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Hours may occasionally vary due to staffing. The building is closed for counter service on weekends and all legal holidays.

Q. Does the department do fingerprinting for applications, etc?
A.No. You can contact the State Police Skippack at 610.584.1250 for further details.

Q. Where do I pay parking tickets?
A. At the front counter of the Police Department, or mail it to the address on the envelope within 10 days.

Q. Where do I pay a traffic ticket?
A. A traffic ticket or citation should be paid within 10 days and mailed to District Court #38-01-19, 497 West Ridge Pike, Limerick, PA 19468.

Q. How do I get a copy of a police report for my insurance company?
A. Request that your insurance company contact the police department. Typically, it will expedite the situation if the department deals directly with the insurance company and it saves you time and work.

Q. What if the insurance company requests that I provide the report?
A. Reports are available at the front counter of the Police Department. There is a schedule of fees for various types of reports. Please call 610.495.7909 to request the report or for additional information.

Q. How can I get crime prevention information?
A. Call 610.495.7909 and an officer can provide you with a wealth of information to improve your personal, residential or commercial safety and security.

Q. How do I get police services for a special event at my residence or business?
A. Police Officers may be assigned to assist with traffic situations, security or other police related issues at special events. The cost for services beyond the normal scope of police duties will be borne by the party making the request. Please call at least 1 week prior to the event. Contact the Chief of Police at 610.495.7909 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday for availability and fee schedule.

Q. How do I get a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)?
A. If you are experiencing abuse of any sort and it is an emergency, immediately contact the police by dialing 9-1-1. If you need to speak to someone about the situation and it is not an emergency, call 610.495.7909. Officers will personally assist anyone who is a victim of abuse through the process. PFA orders are handled in the Prothonotary's Office/Women's Center which is located on the first floor of the Montgomery County Court House. They will provide you with the appropriate paperwork and directions on where to file them. The Prothonotary's Office can be reached at (610) 278-5994.

Q. Are there any other sources of assistance for victims of abuse or other crimes?
A. Yes. Victims of abuse can call: Women's Center of Montgomery County - 800.773.2424; Victim Services Center - 610.277.5200; Child Abuse - 800.932.0313; or the Rape Crisis Hotline - 610.277.5200.

Q. I want to become a Limerick Township Police Officer. How do I go about this?
A. Municipal Police Training (Act 120) is required for all persons hired by Limerick Township as police officers. Inquiries about future recruitment efforts and inclusion on the application file list can be made by calling 610.495.7909.

Q. Who do I contact about traffic problems in the Township?
A. For immediate problems such as road blockages, traffic light malfunctions, etc., contact 610.489.6262. For problems such as speeding, traffic regulations or general questions, contact the Police Department at 610.495.7909.

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Department History

The Limerick Township Police Department was founded in May of 1965 with the Board of Supervisors' approval of a police administrator and six part-time patrol officers. These officers patrolled the township utilizing their own vehicles from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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Community Liaison

PLEASE NOTE: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Department conducting the National Children's Study in the Township starting July 7th, 2009. Researchers will be knocking on the doors of residences that they identified during earlier studies. The researchers have provided their information to the Police Department and they will have the CHOP logo displayed on the rear passenger window of all automobiles involved with the study. (See Attached)
This study is a permitted activity in the Township and it is being conducted nationwide, however, the Police Department urges you to call 911 whenever you feel suspicious activity is taking place. The best defense against crime is a concerned neighbor.

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Open Records Request Form

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Home Land Security

Limerick Township is also home to one of Exelon’s nuclear power plants, known as the Limerick Generating Station. The Police Department is aware of its role in Homeland Security and is in constant communication with the F.B.I., Pennsylvania State Police and the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Preparedness and works daily with LGS plant security to provide a safe and secure facility.

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Traffic Safety

The Police Department acknowledges its role in Highway Safety and is active in providing seatbelt safety programs and safety educational programs for local schools. Patrol officers travel the Township’s roads to address traffic safety concerns and provide enforcement. The Township’s growth has made traffic safety an utmost priority.

The Police Department actively embraces the Click it or Ticket program. Additionally, the use of a variety of speed enforcement devices to identify speeding and careless and aggressive drivers is employed. National studies have shown that seatbelt and speed enforcement programs are directly related to reducing the rate of serious and fatal vehicle crashes.

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Police Employment Requirements
  1. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age
  2. Be a U.S. Citizen
  3. PA Act 120 Training completed
  4. Possess a valid PA driver’s license
  5. Physically & Mentally fit to perform the duties of police officer
  6. Have a minimum of 60 college credits from an accredited institution, or have a minimum of two years experience as a full time police officer

We jointly test as part of the Montgomery County Consortium and this is generally administered in the Spring at Montgomery County Community College. The testing date and procedure for application will be posted on our web site, the Abington Twp website and area newspapers.

Police Exam Application Information website

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LOCK YOUR CAR Overnight thefts from vehicles continue to occur in the Township. Small electronic devices that are often left in vehicles such as GPS units, MP3 Players, lap-top computers and cell phones can be easily converted to cash by even the most inexperienced criminal.

The best defense against this type of victimization is to lock your vehicle! Thieves will often walk through a neighborhood under the cover of darkness and they will avoid forcibly entering a locked car out of fear of creating too much noise

Residents are urged to report suspicious persons, vehicles and even noises immediately by calling 911