Code Department

As the township population grows and new houses and businesses break ground, the Code Department reviews active land development plans as they move through the township’s development process to ensure that new construction complies with township regulations and long-range planning goals. The department emphasizes the protection of residents' health, safety, and welfare and ensures that all structures comply with the township’s building code. The General Code is the on-line municipal codes of Limerick Township which include all township ordinances. General Code Website

Construction projects must comply with the following codes:
Commercial work: 2009 I-Codes, Chapter 11 of the 2012 IBC, 2009 ANSI 117.1
Residential work: 2009 IRC

Permits are required to be posted and accessible to the inspector.

Inspections are made: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-3:00PM with a minimum of 24 hour notice.

Code Department Phone: 610-495-6432
Code Department Fax Number: 610-495-0952

Director of Code Services:
Robert Loeper x126 ;

Code Official:
Dennis Hiller x121;
Shawn Naftzinger x148;

Adminstrative Assistant:
Patricia Ramsey x162 ;

Assistant Township Secretary:
Marianne Egan x117 ;

This is used as a general guide only. For specific requirements and exemptions, please contact the Township.

To better assist you, Limerick Township has provided a guideline for Residential Detached Accessory Structure Setbacks. See guideline.

Residential Construction Permits:

  1. Permits are required for all additions and accessory structures, including:
    • New buildings, including residential homes
    • Additions or structural alterations, including decks, patios and porch enclosures
    • Alterations which change the use of space including basement alterations
    • Detached accessory structures including sheds, garages, barns, gazebos.
    • Swimming pools: In ground, above ground and temporary inflatable pools deeper than 24” of water.
      Swimming Pool Information Guide
    • All construction in the floodplain including but not limited to paving, filling, grading, excavation, dredging, etc.
  2. Property improvements which DO NOT require a permit:
    • Fences less than 6 ft high. See Guidelines
    • Retaining walls less than 4 feet high
    • Sidewalks or walkways not located within the right-of-way of a street
    • Residential swing sets or playground equipment
    • Temporary inflatable swimming pools containing less than 24” deep.

Use and Occupancy Permits:

Use and Occupancy Permits are required for the following:

  1. New construction
  2. Tenant Fit-Outs: non-residential change in occupancy, owner or tenant
  3. Alterations, which include new or expanded outdoor display
  4. Temporary uses such as carnivals and  seasonal sales of flowers, fireworks and Christmas trees
  5. Change in use of a structure, land or change in use of a non-conforming use
  6. Residential addition of a dwelling unit to existing home

Use and Occupancy permits are not required for residential resale.  Please see the letter from Zoning & Codes regarding this matter. However, if the dwelling is serviced by public sewer, a sewer certification is required prior to settlement. 

Annual Registrations:

Annual Registrations are required for the following activities:

  1. Residential Tenant properties
  2. In-Law Suites
  3. Contractor Registration

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2015 Fee Schedule

Contractor Registration Application
Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage Information
Required Inspections
Residential Complaint Form

Drainage (Grading) Permit Application
Sewer Connection Permit Application
Guidlines for Residential Grinder Pumps
On-Lot Septic Systems Information: Montgomery County, PA DEP
Highway Occupancy Permit

Residential Construction Forms
Permits Guide for New Home Construction
Residential Permit Application
Disclosure Statement (for new residential homes only)
House Building Placement Certification

Commercial Construction Forms
Non-Residential Permit Application
Non-Residential Plan Review Requirements
Accessibility Variance Form

Fire Code Forms
Fire Code Opperational Permit Application

Zoning Forms
Application for appeal to the zoning hearing board
Application for Conditional Use Hearing
Home Occupation Application
Use and Occupancy Permit Application (General Form)
Zoning Opinion Reqest Form
Re-Zoning Application

Airport Height Clearance Form
Airport Overlay Zone Map
Airport Overlay Zone Map with USGS

Act 46 Extension Verification Form

Application for Security Alarm

Junkyard License Application
Parking Permit Application
Transient Retail Business License Application

Exelon Brochure

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Limerick Township will offer the convenience of accepting credit cards for payments. A third-party convenience fee will apply cardholders who wish to pay via credit card. This fee is required in order to allow Limerick Township the option to accept payments via credit card. Such fee will be disclosed to the cardholder at time of transaction with the option to decline the fee and make payment via cash or check. Nationwide Payment Solutions is an authorized Level 1 PCI-DSS thrid party processor of these regulated convenience fees. This fee will be 2.45% ($1.50 minimum).

To search for property records and information, visit the Montgomery County Property Records website.

Reminder to all Property Owners who Lease their property...In accordance with Ordinance No. 137, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on 12/3/1991, all owners of property leased for either residential or commercial occupancy shall report the name, home address and date of birth of all such residential and/or commercial building tenants.  Every owner is required to submit a statement of the number of such rental units owned by him/her per building within the township by January 31st, each year. (See Chapter 135 of Township Code for further information).