Posted on: December 15, 2017

From the Office of the Fire Marshal


The Limerick Township Fire Marshal’s Office would like to share some helpful tips when it comes to alternative home heating methods during this cold time of year.  If you have questions or safety concerns and are not sure about anything you are about to try, PLEASE contact the Limerick Township Fire Marshal’s Office and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. The Limerick Township Fire Marshal Office’s number one priority is the safety of the residents and the community of Limerick Township.   Any questions or concerns please contact our department at 610-495-6432 and use extensions 118 (Greg Breyer, Fire Marshal) 160 (Mike Latshaw, Assistant Fire Marshal) 119 (Shaun Semmeles, Fire Inspector). Any of the above personnel will be able to assist you with your questions regarding alternative methods for home heating and/or smoke detection and carbon monoxide detections. 

Now for some helpful tips and information, please reference the following when trying alternative methods for home heating:

·        When utilizing a space heater never plug them into an extension cord, surge protector, or a multi-plug adaptor.

·         When utilizing a space heater plug them directly into a wall outlet and remember all space heaters must have a minimum clearance of 3 feet from any combustible materials.

·         Space heaters should only be used as a temporary heat source.  They are not intended for permanent use which may cause overheating and pose a fire danger.

·         Always remember to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector batteries regularly, at least annually but monthly checks are recommended.

·         Smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector locations:

o    One in every bedroom

o    One in every common habitable space in the household

§  A good rule of thumb for smoke detector placement is if two rooms are separated by a door then both rooms should have their own smoke detector.

o    One Carbon Monoxide detector per floor in common spaces i.e. basements, living rooms & hallways outside of bedrooms.

·         The maximum life span of a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is ten (10) years, after that they should and must be replaced.

·         Remember when utilizing a household extension cord, especially around the holidays for decorations, that they are intended for temporary use and should be treated as such and not used for permanent wiring.

·         When using exterior decorations remember to use approved and listed exterior equipment designed to handle the weather elements.

·         Remember to regularly water your Christmas trees, and when utilizing a fire place remember to dispose of your ashes responsibly and clean your chimneys annually.

·         If utilizing candles please try to use the battery operated, and much safer version, then the original.  If you must use the original candles please remember, never leave them unattended or in close proximity to combustible materials.

·         Make sure that your address numbers are clearly posted and visible from the street so that help (if needed) can find you right away.

·         Have a family evacuation plan and practice that evacuation plan in the event of an emergency. Remember to GET OUT AND STAY OUT.



The Limerick Township Fire Marshal’s Office would like to wish everyone a SAFE and happy holiday season and if you need any help or questions answered about fire safety in your home, the Limerick Township Fire Marshal’s Office is only a phone call away.  Thank you for your attention to safety always and especially during the holiday season!

Shaun Semmeles   

Limerick Township Fire Inspector


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