Parks and Recreation Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee is a seven member committee whose members are appointed to five-year terms by the Board of Supervisors along with an appointed student representative for a one-year term. The committee works in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Department as an advisory committee in regards to different recreational projects, events and facilities. The committee meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.

Parks and Recreation Committee members:
Kris Bautsch- Chairmain
Steve Smith- Vice Chairman
Dominic Martorana
Megan Daw
Michael Connelly
Jim Crawford
Kris Bautsch
Margaret Schweitzer

Allyson Knight- Program Coordinator
Tom J. Neafcy, Jr. - BOS Representative

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Open Space Committee

The Limerick Township Open Space Committee assists the Township in identifying, procuring and raising funds to preserve open space and maintain the rural character of the Township. The Open Space Committee meets on an as-needed basis at the Limerick Township Building.

Open Space Committee members:
Mary DeAlba
William Miller
Brian E. Reiter
Tom J. Neafcy, Jr. - BOS Representative

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Act 209 - Traffic Impact Advisory Committee

Act209 - Traffic Impact Committee members:

Samuel Barilla
Marta S. Pecharo
James G. Reading
Anthony Giamo
Jim Bladel
John B. Seber
Keith Daywalt
Michael McCloskey
Kenneth Mclaughlin
Neil Sukonik
Ryan Wall

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Emergency Services Committee

Emergency Services Committee members:
Kara Shuler - BOS Representative
Beth DiPrete & Daniel Kerr - Township Administrative Representatives
William Albany - Chief of Police
Stephen DeAngelis - Emergency Management Coordinator
Steven Krauss- Citizen Representative
John Lightcap- Citizen Representative
Limerick Fire Company - 2 Representatives
Linfield Fire Company - 2 Representatives
Trappe Ambulance - 2 Representatives
Friendship Ambulance - 2 Representatives

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Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Committee

Industrial Development Authority Committee members:
Eugene Dinnocenti, Chair
Carmen Italia
Joseph St. Pedro, Vice -Chair
Christopher Haring, Secretary
Ryan Wall, Treasurer
Joseph McGrory, Solicitor
Beth DiPrete, Secretary of Meetings

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Agricultural Security Committee

Agricultural Security Committee members:

Mary DeAlba
John Seber
Raymond Waltz
John Weaver
Melissa Miles
Ken Sperring, Jr. - BOS Representative

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UCC Board of Appeals Committee

UCC Board of Appeals members:
Jason Carr - Electrician
Stuart DeAlba- Bldg. Construction
Dan O'Leary - Electrical
Patrick Sullivan - Fire Protection
Kevin Rafuse - Carpenter/Bldg. Construction

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Streetscape and Buffering Committee

Streetscape and Buffering Committee members:
Samuel Barilla
Keith Daywalt
Rick Fidler
Marta Pecharo
Patricia Kaufman
Michael McCloskey
John Seber

Thomas Neafcy - BOS Representative

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Committee Vacancies:

Emergency Services Committee
IDA Committee
Agricultural Security Committee

If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, please fill out a Volunteer Applicationand return to the Township Office.