Land Development Projects-Approved

Residential (not complete listing)

Name/File No.: North Gate (#03-24B) 
Location: School Road

Sukonik Limerick Homes, LLC proposes to subdivide two lots massing 108.3 acres into 51 single family lots and preserving 46.2 acres gross as open space. Formerly known as the Demcor Tract, the project, under Toll Bros., received preliminary plan approval on September 20, 2005 for 51 lots. The current amended plan provides a slight reconfiguration of the original layout, removing one cul-de-sac from an interior road and adding two flag lots which will take access from Graterford Road. On February 2, 2019 the applicant received zoning approval to permit 4.11 acres (associated with lot 49) of open space to be privately deed restricted in lieu of common open space. School Road is proposed to be widened to 22 ft from Grateford Road to the end of the development, matching the width of the northern portion of School Road. The project is to be serviced by public water and sewer.

Name/File No.: Ravens Claw Parcel A Subdivision (#19-01)
Location: Masters Drive

Mikelen LLC proposed to subdivide the 5.95 Acres “health club lot” into 7 lots for the purposes of constructing single family dwellings. On December 19, 2018, the zoning hearing board granted relief to increase the overall density of the R-1 golf course community standards to permit the creation of seven dwellings. Dwellings are all proposed to take access off of Master’s Drive which is a township owned road. The project is proposed to be serviced by public water and sewer.

Name/File No.: Everleigh at Limerick Pointe (#18-09) Phase I
Location: Swamp Pike and Ridge Pike

Cooper Acquisitions LP is proposing to construct 156 townhouses on 18.46 acres in the MHP Mobile Home Park zoning district with associated 492 parking spaces for town house residents and 67 parking spaces for visitors. This is Phase 2A of the Everleigh development. The project is proposed to be served by public water and sewer.

History: The Limerick Town Center project received conditional use approval on September 5, 2017. The master plan contemplated 186 townhouses, 156 senior living units and 152 assisted living units along with 32,000 SF commercial space. Phase 2A received final plan approval on June 4, 2019 to construct 86 townhouse units and their associated facilities.

Name/File No.: RC: Weaver Properties (#17-11) 
Location: 150 Linfield Trappe Road

Rouse Chamberlin Homes proposes to consolidate three parcels of the original weaver subdivision (Paul W. Weaver 1974-04) to create 16.89 acres (net) land mass which will support 15 new single-family homes in the R-2 Low Density District using the Cluster Option. The proposed access will be from Linfield Trappe Road with proposed cartways of 32 feet wide which will allow parking on one side of the road. The roads are offered for dedication to the Township. Secondary emergency access will be provided to Royersford Road. Trail and sidewalk are proposed to facilitate connection from the community to the regional trail link in the adjacent Ashbrook Estates. There will be an HOA established to manage/maintenance the open space. The project will be serviced by public water and sewer.


Name/File No.: 181 Limerick Center Road (#16-09) 
Location: 181 Limerick Center Road

T.P. Trailers, Inc. propose to construct 35,198 SF building for office, shop and warehouse located at 181 Limerick Center Road located in the O/LI Office/Limited Industrial District. The premises will be used to manufacture truck bodies, trailers and related components, painting of manufactured and assembled units which are accessory to manufacturing, auto repair, warehouse and distribution of parts and components, office and outside storage as accessory use. In addition to the building the Applicant is proposing roadway widening, curb and sidewalk along Limerick Center Road. The project will be serviced by public water and sewer. Interior site improvements include curb, walkways, landscaping, parking and storm water management facilities. The plans have been designed to accommodate a regional trail route along the western property line.

Name/File No.: Restaurant Depot (#17-05) 
Location: Buckwalter Road

Restaurant Depot proposes to construct a one story, 62,810 SF retail building on 15.35 Acres identified as Lot 1 of the Provco Subdivision (No. 17-04) located at the intersection of Township Line Road and Buckwalter Road in the RB Retail Business District. A total of 293 parking spaces are proposed of which 231 are to be built and 62 are proposed to be placed into reserve. The project will be serviced by public water and public sewer.

Name/File No.: Scoupe deVille Land Development (#20-01) 

Location: 460 N. Lewis Road

JATT Family, Inc. proposes to renovate and expand the existing building located at 460 N. Lewis Road located in the O/LI Office/Limited Industrial District to build an ice cream parlor. The property received Conditional Use approval from the Board of Supervisors on December 3, 2019 to convert he existing office to a restaurant. The site is served by public water and sewer.

Name/File No.: Robert Betz (#19-02)

Location: Lot 7 Zara Drive
Review Phase: Preliminary Plan Approval received February 18, 2020

Robert Betz proposes to build a 19,224 SF warehouse building with office space and a vehicle service area on 2.8 acres at Lot 7 on Zara Drive in the O/LI Office/Limited Industrial District. The property will be served by public sewer and well.

Name/File No.: Gambone: Fox Ridge/Ruth addition (#19-03)

Location: 614 W. Ridge Pike

Gambone Brothers propose to demolish the buildings located at 614 W. Ridge Pike and consolidate four lots into one property of the Fox Ridge Apartment complex. This will total 24.49 new acres in the MS Main Street Zoning District and R-5 Village Residential District. The new buildings proposed are intended to complement the existing Fox Ridge community and include a 2,400 SF community office building and a 5,565 SF, 8-unit apartment building. The Applicant filed appeal to the Zoning Bearing board with regard to setbacks on the eastern side of the property with respect to the adjacent pond. The hearing was held on November 20, 2019. The project will be served by public water and sewer.

Name/File No.: Buckman Production Warehouse Expansion (#20-02)

Location: 105 Airport Road and 679 W. Ridge Pike

Buckman Enterprises, LLC proposes to expand their current facilities to include a 30,650 GSF roofed area off an existing warehouse as well as a new 45,200 production building, for a total of 75,850 GSF of new construction in the O/LI Office/Limited Industrial District. The proposal will also consolidate the 14.93 acre property at 105 Airport Road with the 57.15 acre property at 679 W. Ridge Pike. The project is served by public water and sewer.

Name/File No.: 284 West Ridge Pike (#20-04)

Location: 284 West Ridge Pike

Avanti Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is proposing to construct a 1,920 GSF office and storage building in the rear of 0.68-acre property at 284 West Ridge Pike in the Village Commercial District. The property currently contains an existing two-story duplex which will remain, and the project will be serviced by public sewer and water.