Land Development Projects-Under Review

Land Development Projects – Under Review (Not a complete listing)

Name/File No.: Piazza Realty Co., Inc. (#19-04)

Location: 3373 W. Ridge Pike
Review Phase: Preliminary Plan

Piazza Realty Co., Inc. seeks to construct 19 townhouses as well as 2 commercial buildings totaling 226,971 SF at 3373 W. Ridge Pike in the MS Main Street Zoning District. This will create 2 parcels with the residential tract being 2.33 acres and the commercial 3.05 acres. Conditional Use approval for the project was received on March 6, 2018. The project will be served by public water and sewer.

Name/File No.: Limerick Plaza Phase II (#05-01B)

Location: 70 Buckwalter Road
Review Phase: Amended Preliminary/Final Plan

Limerick Plaza LP seeks to develop vacant pad sites located at 70 Buckwalter Road in the RB Retail Business District. This will include a 3,300 SF Freddy’s restaurant, a 9,130 SF Magerks Restaurant, as well as a 17,950-retail space. This land development is an amendment to the second phase of the original Limerick Plaza Land Development (#05-01), changing the original proposed 59,480 SF to 30,370 SF. The project is served by public water and sewer.

The shopping center was initially proposed under the 1992-08 land development (Windon/Royersford Center) in the former Interchange Office District (IO). This proposal built 130,021 SF of office and retail space. The property was rezoned from Interchange Office (IO) to Retail Business (RB) on November 21, 2000. An amendment to the plan was proposed under 2002-03 which included the existing restaurants facing Route 422, in addition to a 59,198 SF retail supermarket which was not built. Another amendment was proposed under 2005-01 which expanded the supermarket to 59,480 SF, which was also not built.

Name/File No.: Buckman Production Warehouse Expansion (#20-02)

Location: 105 Airport Road and 679 W. Ridge Pike
Review Phase: Preliminary/Final Plan

Buckman Enterprises, LLC proposes to expand their current facilities to include a 30,650 GSF roofed area off an existing warehouse as well as a new 45,200 production building, for a total of 75,850 GSF of new construction in the O/LI Office/Limited Industrial District. The proposal will also consolidate the 14.93 acre property at 105 Airport Road with the 57.15 acre property at 679 W. Ridge Pike. The project is served by public water and sewer.

Name/File No.: 284 West Ridge Pike (#20-04)

Location: 284 West Ridge Pike
Review Phase: Preliminary Plan

Avanti Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is proposing to construct a 1,920 GSF office and storage building in the rear of 0.68-acre property at 284 West Ridge Pike in the Village Commercial District. The property currently contains an existing two-story duplex which will remain, and the project will be serviced by public sewer and water.