Discount Tickets

Please call ahead for availability. Cash or credit cards are accepted for tickets. No refunds. All credit/debit card purchases will include a 3rd party 2.75% fee

Amusement Park & Ski Tickets

Limerick Township Parks and Recreation in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Society (PRPS) are selling discount amusement park (summer) and ski lift tickets (winter) to participating theme parks and ski mountains. These are actual tickets, not coupons, and are good through the current season.

Buy your tickets now, save money and avoid waiting in long lines at the amusement park or ski mountain! Ticket supplies are limited. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

Amusement Park Tickets

 -Tickets are available May through September.

Ski Tickets -

Tickets are available December through March. 

Movie Tickets


Regal Movie Theater Tickets

     Premiere Super Saver Tickets are $9 per ticket.
     Tickets are accepted anytime.
Starting December 1st-Regal Theater tickets will now cost $9.50 per ticket. 

Movie Tavern Tickets

     Tickets are $9.00 per ticket.
     Movie Tavern tickets are valid for all films.
     3D films are an additional $2 - $3 surcharge.