Fire Marshal


The Fire Marshal is responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Code of Limerick Township and investigates the origin and cause of all fires which occur in Limerick Township. The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for the inspection of the effectiveness of fire protection equipment and compliance with fire prevention regulations in commercial, industrial buildings, places of assembly, schools, institutions, and multiple-family dwellings.


  • Assisting residential occupancies with the installation of smoke detectors and conducting a safety survey
  • Conducting Fire and Life Safety inspections in Public, Commercial, and Industrial Occupancies
  • Conducting staff safety training
  • Enforcing all Township adopted fire codes
  • Investigates all fires within the Township
  • Responding to complaints pertaining to businesses and residences
  • Responding to fire-related incidents in the Township
  • Reviewing of alerting, notification, suppression systems; land development; and other zoning and code submittals as they apply for fire services
  • Serving as the Township liaison to the Limerick Fire Department and the ambulance organizations of Limerick Township
  • Supervising fire drills and building evacuations
  • The coordination of the Township employee daytime Driver Operator program
  • The inspection of alerting, notification, and suppression systems
  • The issuing of Operational Permits (i.e.: carnivals and fairs, fireworks, blasting, other explosives and bonfires)
  • Updating keys in the Knox Boxes for businesses